Essential Homework Excuses

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Happy All Fools’ Day!

Essential Homework Excuses

I lost it fighting this kid you said you weren't the best teacher in the school.

I was mugged on the way to school and the mugger took everything I had.

Our puppy toilet trained on it.

Some aliens from outer space borrowed it so they could study how the human brain worked.

I put it in a safe, but lost the combination.

I loaned it to a friend, but he suddenly moved away.

Our furnace stopped working and we had to burn it to stop ourselves from freezing.

I left it in my shirt and my mother put it in the washing machine.

My little sister ate it.

My homework fell in a puddle then the puddle froze (great during a harsh winter).

I did do my homework you never said I had to bring it.


I mistook it as my want list and sent it to Santa Claus.


My dad's into the environment and he recycled my homework!


I used the new invisible paper and now I can't find it.


I didn't finish my homework because I was trying to think of an excuse for today.


My hamster needed a bed so I gave him my paper.


My house got infested with bugs and we had to leave. And I forgot it in the house.


I didn't do my homework because I didn't want to add another work to your already heavy workload.

I had a hole in my shoe so I used it to plug the hole. Do you still want it?

I was so proud of the work I had done that I took it round to my grandma's for her to look at. I left it with her and went back to collect it the following day. She had, unfortunately, died during the night so I was unable to get my work out of her hand.

Uh, to be honest with you, I didn’t do it. Can you be nice and let me bring it tomorrow? :D(!brownie points?)

When your teacher asks you if you have your homework finished, you say, "homework? I thought you said housework! I stayed up all last night and cleaned the house!" then, just for effect, put some dark eye shadow underneath your eyes and it'll look like you're tired! =)

I went home with the full intention of completing this assignment, but when I got home I realized that I want to be a musician when I grow up not math man, so I decided to listen to some music and play my guitar instead. I was sure that you would understand.


I was on the way to school when my homework flew out the window of my car and got smashed by a steamroller then ripped apart by a ... honest.


I couldn't do the homework because I had a massive headache and couldn't write..... No! Don’t speak that loud! You are making my headache worse! *Closes eyes, covers ears and puts head on desk* Argh! My head is exploding! *Suddenly stops everything and goes silent* Who are you? Where am I?!


I did my homework and even did extra credit, but then I woke up and there was a house burning down next door. So I dropped my backpack by the house and ran to save everyone and when I was done saving I forgot that my backpack was still by the fire. I ran to get it and when I got it back the only thing burnt was the homework!


I was walking down the street when I saw an old lady trying to cross the street but slipped over a bunch of doggypoo, so I took the first paper out of my bag I could reach for and that happened to be my English homework.


My homework? Oh, sorry I sneezed on it so in the interest of public hygiene I had to destroy it.


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