Расчлененные вопросы (tag questions)

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В этом конспекте, я более подробно остановлюсь на специфических случаях расчлененных вопросов.


I am on the list, aren't I?

I'm not on the list, am I?


Let's surprise them, shall we?

Let's go for a walk, shall we?


There isn't any danger, is there?

There's not much we can do about it, is there?


Повелительные предложения, расчлененный вопрос делает такие предложение более вежливым:

Turn the sound down, will you? (polite)

Turn the sound down, won't you? (informal)

Pass the salt, will you \ would you \ could you?

Clear the table, will you?

Be careful, won't you?

Have a drink, won't you? (informal offer)


После someone, somebody, everybody, everyone, no one etc. в вопросе будет they:

Everybody is sleeping, aren't they?

No one wants to come, do they?

Someone has been in here, haven't they?


После nothing, something, everything  в вопросе будет местоимение it:

Nothing happened, did it?


Примеры глаголов в расчлененных вопросах:

verb in statement verb in tag examples
statement without an auxiliary or modal do You like him, don't you?
be be This is yours, isn't it?
have (=possess) do You don't have a watch, do you?
have got have You haven't got a brother, have you?
have (=auxiliary) have You haven't seen Joe, have you?
do do You do aerobics, don't you?
can can She can swim, can't she?
could could We could do better, couldn't we?
may might It may rain, mightn't it?
will will You won't tell them, will you?
would would He'd like that, wouldn't he?
needn't need We needn't come, need we?
must must We mustn't make a noise, must we?
have to do We have to work harder, don't we?
need to do She needs to be there, doesn't she?


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