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В английском языке есть два глагола do и make, которые очень часто путают, т.к. они означают почти одно и тоже  - делать. Выбор того или другого глагола зависит от конкретной фразы. Однако, некоторая логика прослеживается и не все фразы придется заучивать наизусть. Давайте подробнее разберем перевод этих глаголов:


делать, выполнять, осуществлять, исполнять, совершать, поступать (выполнять работу, задания, задачи, действия)

to do exercises

to do housework

to do homework

to do the dishes

to do the ironing

to do nothing



делать, создавать, конструировать, изготавливать, творить, производить, составить (часто мы создаем что-то, что можно потом взять в руки)

to make a dress

to make a meal

to make money


Далее с примерами, рассмотрим фразы с глаголами DO и MAKE


phrase example
do one's best I did my best - what else could I do?
do a lot of damage He crashed the car and did a lot of damage to it.
do some/ a lot of/ a bit of exercise I try and do a bit of exercise every day.
do harm Smoking does harm to your health.
do homework I did my homework.
do research Scientists will have to do more research into the problem.
do well She is doing very well at school, isn't she?
do good Our government doesn't do any good to our people.
do one's hair She did her hair before the party.
do one's nails She did her nails after washing up.
do the dishes He helped her do the dishes.
do French/ Maths (do a subject at school) We do Maths every day at school.
do a job The puppy did a job on the carpet.
do sums He helped him do sums in Maths.
do wonders He had found a good doctor who could do wonders for his health.
do some work Do some work and then we'll go for a drink.
do (the) housework She does the housework.
do the shopping We will do the shopping for you!
do the ironing Who has done the ironing for you?
do the laundry If I have time tomorrow, I'll do the laundry.
do badly (do worse) We might do worse.
make an attempt She made an attempt to break the world record.
make a cake  /  pizza How did your son learn to make his own pizzas?
make the / some coffee I'm just making some coffee if you want some.
make an effort You'll have to make more of an effort if you want to succeed.
make an excuse The pupil made an excuse after being late for the lesson.
make a fortune He made a fortune out of importing expensive cars.
make fun of smb/smth You shouldn't make fun of the way people talk.
make a mess (of smth) I tried to fix the car myself but I made a complete mess of it.
make a mistake If I've made a mistake, I'll correct it.
make money She made a lot of money as a model.
make a noise Who made that noise?
make notes Did you make notes as the lecturer was speaking?
make an offer I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
make progress Have you made much progress with your Spanish?
make sense of smth I can't make sense of what you are saying. Speak more slowly.
make one's way back/ home The last bus had gone so I made my way home on foot.
make an appointment They made an appointment and went home.
make a difference / make no difference The law will make no difference to my business.
make a living He's trying to make a living by giving lessons.
make a profit You'll make a profit one day - just don't give up!
make the bed Who will make the bed?
make a suggestion He is good at making suggestions.
make a decision You are too young to make such decisions!
make a will If you don't have children it is important to make a will.
make a discovery Who made a discovery of penicillin?
make an excuse She made an excuse for being late.
make a fire First of all we had to make a fire and then put up a tent.
make a wish Make a wish before blowing out your birthday candles!
make friends It's not easy to make friends when you are 60.
make the best of it

It was a difficult speech to give, but I think she made the best of a bad job.

The room they've given us is too small really, but we'll just have to make the best of it.


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