Порядок прилагательных в предложении. Order of adjectives

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Here is the most common order of adjectives in English, though the order of adjectives of size, shape, age and colour can change:

opinion size shape age colour origion material purpose or type noun
nice big round old blue French glass fruit bowl


1. Variation is possible when we focus on a particular feature:

  • a round black shape ( = normal order)
  • a black round shape ( = focus on colour)

2. We use a comma when there are two or more adjectives of equal importance before a noun:

  • The room was full of cold, hungry children.

3. We link the adjectives with and when they come after verbs like be and feel:

  • He was tall, dark and handsome.
  • He was tall, dark, handsome.
  • The children felt cold and hungry.
  • The house was large and impressive.

4. We can put a comma or and between two adjectives that describe someone's character:

  • We had a clever and imaginative teacher.
  • We had a clever, imaginative teacher.

5. When we use two or more colour adjectives before a noun, we put and between them:

  • They own a red and white car.
  • They were waving a blue, white and red flag.
  • They were waving a blue, white, red flag.


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