Idioms about dating and romance

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She likes me!

Tom: I think Jane likes me.

Sam: In your dreams! (Мечтать не вредно!)

Tom: No, really, I'm sure she does.

Sam: No way! She never even looks at you. (Бесполезно, ничего подобного!)

Tom: Exactly! That means one of two things: either she's embarrassed because she fancies me, or she's playing hard to get. (Строить из себя недотрогу, набивать цену)

Sam: Tom, there is a third possibility......



Mavis: Have you heard about Jane's boyfrend?

Helen: The one she's been going steady with for about six months? (постоянно встречаться)

Mavis: No. He's history. Jane's got a new one. (Он в прошлом.)

Helen: That's fast.

Mavis: Yes. And he's younger than her! Oh!..... Hello, Jane.

Jane: Haven't you got anything better to do than gossip about other people? Get a life! (Займитесь делом! - не очень вежливое выражение)


Drop-dead gorgeous

"Dear Romance Magazine

My boyfriend is drop-dead gorgeous (потрясающе красив), kind and sensitive, and we have a great relationship. He's also very tall. (I have a thing about (иметь пунктик насчет, помешаться) tall men, so that's important to me too!) The problem is that I want to get married and have children, but he doesn't. I love him, but I know he's never going to pop the question (сделать предложение). What should I do? 

Julie (London)"


Love at first sight

There is a romantic story about the nineteenth-century revolutionary, Garibaldi.
He was on his ship entering a port when he saw a beautiful woman standing on the shore.
"That is the woman I am going to marry", he said. It was love at first sight (любовь с первого взгляда). The woman, when she met him, was swept off her feet (очаровать - sweep someone off someone's feet) by his good looks (привлекательная внешность) and personality.
They were married within days and only had eyes for (восхищаться) each other for the rest of their lives.

Dating dilemma

On the first date, who should pay for meals, drinks, tickets etc.?
In the old days, the man would pick up the tab (платить по счету), but nowadays nobody is quite sure.
Will the woman think he's a dinosaur if he pays? Or will she think he's mean if he doesn't?
Will the man be grateful if the woman suggest they go Dutch (платить каждый за себя) or will he be insulted?
There is no right answer. You just have to play it by ear (действовать по обстановке). Be sensitive to your partner's feelings and you'll probably get it right.


Brains and beauty

A Hollywood actress once met the British philosopher, Bertrand Russell. Whereas he was quite ugly, she turned heads (привлекать внимание, вызывать восхищение) wherever she went.
She was rather full of herself (самовлюбленный) and said to Russell, "They say I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, and I hear you're the smartest man. Imagine if we had a child with your brains and my beauty."
Russell, who was never lost for words (не находить нужных слов), replied, "Imagine if it had my beauty and your brains."


Broken heart

Almost as soon as he met her, he fell head over heels (влюбился по уши) for her. They had six wonderful months together, and then she left. It broke his heart (разбить сердце, очень сильно расстроить), and a year later he's only beginning to pick up the pieces (оправиться, поправить дело).


Lottie's diary

I finished reading "Bridget Jones's Diary" by Helen Fielding today.
It's a very popular book, and I loved it because Bridget and I are in the same boat (в одинаковом положении):
we're both looking for Mr Right (искать принца) (without success), and trying to become famous in our careers (without success),
and we're both sure that we'll get there as soon as we can lose weight, get fit and generally get our act together (взять себя в руки).


A film scene

In the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, Hugh Grant meets an old friend, and asks him, "How are you, and how's tour girlfriend?"
The man replies, "She's not my girlfriend any more."
"That's good", says Grant, "You probably didn't know, but she was two-timing (изменять) you with someone else."
The man looks deeply shocked and says, "She's my wife now."
Hugh Grant realises he has put his foot in it (совершить бестактный поступок, попасть впросак), and he kicks himself (проклинать себя) for being so stupid.


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